Welcome to Advantage Seal Inc.

Welcome to Advantage Seals Inc.

Advantage Seal is a leading international manufacturer of both customized and standard mechanical shaft seals. Since 2002, we have worked closely with our customers to provide solutions to help them operate more reliably, efficiently and economically. Our goal is to consistently exceed our customer's expectations in delivery, quality and service.

For almost a decade, we have consistently provided high quality product support and service that has allowed our company to grow at a record pace. Our relentless pursuit of perfection follows us from design to manufacturing; and to the market. We are lean, fast, and nimble which allows us to be responsive to our customer's needs.

Design - Advantage Seal employs design engineers throughout the globe using the latest design software and equipment. Our more than 25 years of mechanical seal experience allows us to incorporate innovative ways to analyze and solve the most demanding seal application problems, and prolong seal life.

Manufacturing -Advantage Seal ISO9001:2008, modern facilities operate lean and efficient with non-compromising focus on quality. We take advantage of a low-cost manufacturing environment, while producing the highest quality product into the market. We continually pursue improvements in every aspect of our operation; in order to maintain our competitive edge in the industry. From prototype design to high production volume, we can meet your sealing requirements.

Service - Advantage Seal's lean operation allows us to provide fast and responsive customer service. We view our relationship with our customers as a partnership, which benefits both companies' interest. We offer free seal failure analysis, even on our competitor's seals, and work with our customers to solve their sealing problems. We can incorporate your brand name or trademark as a mold mark on one or more elastomeric components of a seal, and even create a private label seal if desired. We can provide a quote based on prints, cad files, PS numbers, and/or samples. We exist to serve your needs.

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Advantage Seal manufactures seals in a variety of materials. Below is listing of our standard materials. If you have special material needs please contact an Advantage Representative at (630) 226-0200.

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Advantage Seal offers only the best in quality elastomer bellows seals. Our crimped rotating head design and hex-drive distribution system provide enhanced operation levels, superior reliability, increased durability, and greater ease-of-use as compared to other seal designs.