Advantage Seal manufactures seals in a variety of materials. Below is listing of our standard materials. If you have special material needs please contact an Advantage Representative at (630) 226-0200

Advantage Seals STANDARD Materials

Carbon AS-106™, a High-duty Upgrade to CTI-6, F-50, or P-66
ValCarb™ High-quality Upgrade to Phenolic
Ceramic 99.5% Alumina Oxide
Silicon Carbide Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide
Tungsten Carbide Nickel Bound
Elastomers Buna is FDA & UL; Viton is UL; EP (Ethylene Propylene)
Metal Components 316 Stainless Steel

Advantage Seals ALTERNATE Materials

Seal Faces AS-191™ High Temp Carbon,
AS-181™ Antimony Carbon
Sintered Silicon Carbide
Graphite Loaded Silicon Carbide
Ni-Resist 210
Elastomers Neoprene
Zetpol™ (HNBR)
Teflon™ PTFE (Type 81 and 91 Only)
Kalrez™ (O-ring Mount Design Only)
Metal 304SS
Monel 400

The Phenolic Disadvantage

The preferred choice, ValCarb™ seals offer the same cost savings as phenolic seals along with superior performance.

Although economical, seals made with phenolic suffer from chemical attack, low strength thresholds, and limited thermal properties.

Advantage Seal offers a high-quality value-added alternative with seals made of ValCarb. ValCarb is chemically resistant, 40% stronger than phenolic, and has an operating temperature limit of 500°F.

Materials Pump

In 2002, veterans from pump and mechanical seal industry teamed up together to create a company that can provide affordable, high quality products in the sealing industry. As the "big" corporations are more focused on increasing the value of their stock shares rather than their customers, the industry is in dire need of a company that focuses on affordable, quality products and attentive service; hence the rise of Advantage Seal.

Materials Pump

Advantage Seal offers only the best in quality elastomer bellows seals. Our crimped rotating head design and hex-drive distribution system provide enhanced operation levels, superior reliability, increased durability, and greater ease-of-use as compared to other seal designs.