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Advantage Seals Type 21

The versatile, self-aligning choice for services:

  • Up to 5,000 SFPM*|
  • Up to 250 PSI*|
  • From -40˚F (-40˚C) to 400˚F(204˚C)*

* Depending on seal size size and material selection

Crimped Head

Type 21 Crimped Head

Rotary Seal

Type 21 Rotary Seal

Solid Hex Drive

Type 21 Solid Hex Drive

Stationary Seal

Type 21 Stationary Seal

The Solid Hex Drive Advantage

- Standard in every Advantage Seal Type 21
- Locking, Positive Engagement
- Drive Band cannot be installed improperly
- Eliminates damage to bellows
- Eliminates drive failure
- Competitor's stamped designs:
- Offer less engagement
- Sharp stampings can damage the seal bellows
- Can be installed upside down at the seal
- Competitor's tang and notch designs:
- Offer loose engagement
- Fewer points of contact with the seal outer shell
- May lead to broken tangs and seal bellows damage

Crimped Head

- Greatly simplifies installation
- No adhesive on seal face
- Prevents penetration of solids into the seal head
- Cushions rotary seal face
- No metal to seal face contact

Single Coil Spring

- Helps prevent clogging

For use with a variety of mating rings

- O-Ring Mount
- Cup Mount

Non-Fretting design

Advantage Seal Type 21 replaces:

John Crane Type 21 | Type 2100 | Sealol Type 43 CU Short | Pac-Seal Type 21 | US Seal Type C

Materials Pump

As a manufacturer of mechanical seals, Advantage Seal is able to address all of your specific needs. Special materials, custom markings, uniquely dimensioned seals, and private labeling are just some of our offerings.

Materials Pump

Advantage Seal offers only the best in quality elastomer bellows seals. Our crimped rotating head design and hex-drive distribution system provide enhanced operation levels, superior reliability, increased durability, and greater ease-of-use as compared to other seal designs.