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Advantage Seals Type 91

The compact, durable, multi spring, wedge seal choice for services:

  • Up to 5,000 SFPM*|
  • Up to 350 PSI (balanced)|
  • From -350˚F (-212˚C) to 750˚F (400˚C)

* Depending on seal size size and material selection

Compact Design

Type 61 Complete Seal Assembly

Positive Drive

Type 201 Convuluted Bellows

Multiple Springs

Type 201 Crimped Head

Wedge Secondary Seal

Type 201 Crimped Head

Why choose the Advantage Seal Type 91?

Compact Design

- Allows use in a wide variety of rotating equipment including Centrifugal Pumps, Mixers and Agitators

Utilized Design

- Rotating face held in by a snap ring

- No hassle handling

- Easy to install

Positive Drive

- "X" Set Screws secure seal to shaft preventing slippage

Multiple Springs

Provide precise even preloading of the seal face

Rotary Mating Ring

- Rotary mating ring provides operation at much higher speeds than rotary head seal design

For use with a variety of mating rings

- O-Ring Mount

- Cup Mount


Ideal for:Industrial Fluids, Caustics, light Hydrocarbons, Corrosives and high pressure liquids and gasses

Advantage Seal Type 81 replaces:

John Crane Type 9 | Pac-Seal Type 9 | US Seal Type J

Materials Pump

As a manufacturer of mechanical seals, Advantage Seal is able to address all of your specific needs. Special materials, custom markings, uniquely dimensioned seals, and private labeling are just some of our offerings.

Materials Pump

Advantage Seal offers only the best in quality elastomer bellows seals. Our crimped rotating head design and hex-drive distribution system provide enhanced operation levels, superior reliability, increased durability, and greater ease-of-use as compared to other seal designs.